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How it all Started

My name is Paulette.

Bobbie-Lynn and I were neighbours, we were close in age & we both had 2 sons.

When we first met we had no idea how close we would become. How this friendship would end up having a common bond – Autism. That our families lives would be changed forever.

My son Camden was diagnosed with Autism in 2004. Then Bobbie-Lynn’s son Zachary was diagnosed with Autism in 2005. As time went on we realized how much we depended on each other. We gave each other a shoulder to cry on, offering each other support and advice.

We decided to seek out parents in the area who might be interested in getting together. With the help of Vicki Harvey we were able to find other families who were interested. This is how the Bedford/Sackville Autism Support Group was formed.

It became apparent to us how hard it was to find family activities. Both of us having a child on the spectrum, we could not find social opportunities where children could just be themselves. Somewhere for the kids to hang out with other kids just like them. The other parents were all looking for a place to go as well. A place to just relax without having to deal with staring eyes from strangers and not have to explain anything to anyone.

The first event was a family picnic. It was a huge success. From then on our Bedford/Sackville Support group began hosting regular meetings, swims, dances etc. We have also opened our doors to anyone within Halifax HRM. This support group has grown from the commitment of many. Thank you to everyone who has been there for us over the years.

Farewell From Bobbi

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter of goodbye to the Bedford Sackville Autism Support Group. I have moved to New Brunswick so the boys and I can be closer to my family and although it was not an easy decision it was the best decision for us.


Since Zackary’s diagnosis and since co-founding the group with Paulette nearly ten years ago now, I have met the strongest, most compassionate, amazing people I know I will ever meet. To the beautiful children and young adults with ASD and their families who love them and fight for them every single day I have been inspired by you and empowered by you. To the professionals and volunteers who give so much of themselves to advocate and help create awareness, thank-you.


To my best friend and BSAS co-founder Paulette. You are my light in this crazy world and you know it. I will never say goodbye to you. To everyone else take care. I look forward to keeping in touch with many of you thanks to the magic of social media.


I look forward to following the continued growth of BSAS headed up by Paulette and her keen group of parents.


Take care.  Bobbi (co-founder Bedford Sackville Autism Support)


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